Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Article 1. Purpose

Thank you for using Capriccio (the Service) provided by Daon IT Solution (the Company). These Terms of Service outline general provisions including the rights, duties and responsibilities, terms of use and procedures necessary in your use of the Service.

Article 2. Contents and changes of the Terms of Service

The Company will post these Terms of Service in the Service or in several other methods. The Terms of service will have effect on anyone who agrees to them.

If necessary, this Terms of Service may be changed within the boundaries of relevant laws and regulations. In case of the changes, the Company will inform you about the changes at least 15 days prior to the effective date. If the changes may affect you adversely, the Company will send email to the email address you use in your Capriccio Account, post in the Service, or use any other reasonable electronic means to inform you about the changes at least 30 days prior to the effective date.

The Company may clearly notices that you are deemed to agree to the revised Terms of Service unless you express about the refusal of the changes no later than 7 days after the effective date of the revised Terms of Service. If you do not agree to the revised version, it is possible to terminate the agreement for use of the Service.

Article 3. Creating Capriccio Account

Capriccio Account consists of several characters and numbers you provided for the identification, so it can be generated in accordance with the agreement of these Terms of Service and registering an e-mail address and a password. The Capriccio Account can also have additional information (e.g., username). Although it is not necessary to have Capriccio Account for using the Service, some features in the Service requires the Capriccio Account.

The Capriccio Account can be created via "create account" features included in applications provided by the Service. However, the Company may not approve of creating the Capriccio Account or stop providing the Service after creating the Capriccio Account due to following reasons:

  • If you had lost your Capriccio Account;
  • If you tried to create the Capriccio Account by using other's personal information; or
  • If you violate any of applicable laws or regulations, or not suitable for the Company's criterion.

Also, the Company may delay or restrict the approval of creating Capriccio Account due to the lack of capacity for providing the Service or several financial or technical issues.

Article 4. Manage and use of Capriccio Account

You have the responsibility to manage your Capriccio Account. Please securely manage your password by yourself to prevent the unauthorized access to your Capriccio Account from others. Also, you should never let others use your Capriccio Account.

You can view and change your information via applications provided by the Service. However, several information such as E-mail address and device identifier may not be able to change. If your registered information has been changed, you should notify the Company of the change by using the modification features in the Service. The Company has no responsibility for the disadvantages resulting from you not providing the updated information through the Service.

Article 5. Providing and using the Service

The Company may do its best to provide the Service all year around, 24 hours a day. However, the Service may be temporarily stopped due to several reasons, including maintenance, repair of unexpected breakdown, and loss of communication. Also, all or the part of the Service may be changed or stopped due to the change of policies of the Company, technical issues, and so on. The Company will notify any changes through various possible ways such as notice board of the website and notification features in applications if possible.

You may not allowed to do the followings:

  • Using the Service by methods other than those that the Company provides, or interrupting operation of the Service;
  • Stealing other person’s information or infringing on intellectual property rights such as copyrights;
  • Interfering with use of the Service by others or damaging the reputation of the others and the Company;
  • Using the Service for commercial purposes without agreement of the Company;
  • Modifying, copying, distributing, selling, transfering, pledging, or leasing applications or features provided by the Service without agreement of the Company; or
  • Attempting reverse engineering or extracting source code of appliations or features provided by the Service without agreement of the Company.

If you do not comply with the Terms, any applicable laws, or any regulations, the Company may investigate the issue and stop providing the Service to you.

Article 6. Posting and using content

The copyright of the content posted by you may belongs to you. Also, the content posted in the Service may be stored, modified, copied, analyzed, distributed, or displayed by the Company within the necessary. Therefore, you should post only content which does not violate any applicable laws or regulations.

The Company may delete or reject to display content which seems to violate any applicable laws or regulations. Also, you are responsible for any issues due to violating any applicable laws or regulations about the content that you posted.

Article 7. Personal information

The Company may do its best to keep your personal information safe. Please refer to the Privacy Policy of Capriccio for more information.

Article 8. Law and jurisdiction

These Terms of Service will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea.


These Terms of Service are effective from August 30, 2021.